To. Jenny (2018) episode 1-2

Sinopsis : Jeong Min is your typical music nerd. Give him a guitar and he will be able to make any song you want. He’s a singer-songwriter who dreams to become a famous musician. However, after embarrassing himself in front of his first love, he developed stage fright. Na Ra is a member of a failed girl group. In her heyday, she was known for her beautiful looks. Now, she wishes she could disappear. To Jeong Min, Just looking at Na Ra makes his heart stop. Just hearing her voice makes his heart beat out of his chest. The fact that she’s standing in front of him seems like a lie. Although he never had the courage to say hello, he has never forgotten the girl who is his first love. It wasn’t anything fancy, but just as all first loves are, she was an image burrowed into his mind and his heart for the past 10 years. Now that Na Ra is standing in front of him, will he be able to muster up the courage to speak with her? Will he be able to fulfill his young dream of singing with her in harmony?
Artis : Choi Yoo-ri, Jung Chae-yeon, Kim Sung-Cheol, Lee Sang-Yi, Park Mi-sun, Yang Ik-juneNegara : Korea Rilis : (Indonesia) Kategori :K-Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & FantasyDurasi : 1 jam 47 menitIMDb : tt1762358
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